Monday, October 1, 2012

To Finish something that was started....

“The truth of the matter is that there's nothing you can't accomplish if: (1) You clearly decide what it is that you're absolutely committed to achieving, (2) You're willing to take massive action, (3) You notice what's working or not, and (4) You continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want, using whatever life gives you along the way.” -Anthony Robbins

Pre Race

Well...what can I say? Other than we freaking DID it!!!! We conquered something that 6 months ago we thought was impossible. We did our first 5K. We finished our first 5K. We finished our first 5K without stopping to walk. I still can't really believe it. I mean sure, we've ran that far before without stopping, but never in a situation like that where we are excited, nervous, going against others. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be to concentrate on my own run. I get distracted very easily and wasn't able to focus on my breathing, steps, or even my music. There were so many times I was going to stop...going to just walk for a minute, but I looked at my mom still going, remembered everyone that has followed my journey thus far, and then remembered that my little girl was waiting for me at the finish line. I wanted to prove to everyone that I could do this, but mostly just to myself that I could do it.

Another thing that kept me going is the sheer awesomeness of the other who ran the race. People that had reached the halfway point and were starting their way back met us as we were about to that point. I would say the majority of them were all giving thumbs up, encouraging words, and big smiles that kept me going. They don't know exactly how much I needed that, at those very moments. It got my mind off of the cramps in my legs, the ache in my side, and thoughts of stopping. When we came within the last .25 mile my legs felt like complete jello...but seeing that finish line was a sweet sight. I couldn't care less about my time, but I have always liked to finish strong. So I started sprinting the last leg like the biggest bear in history was chasing me. I didn't even hear my I said, I couldn't have cared any less. All I cared about was that I was done. I didn't really get to enjoy those few seconds because I was wrestling with the very real possibility of heaving all over my shoes. After a lady at the finish line shoved some gatorade at me, that feeling passed, and on came the sheer joy of accomplishing something that we had been working so hard for. I even did it in 39 minutes at 51 seconds. Previously I had been running it in an average of 41 minutes or more. We started something, made a goal, and finished it. Sounds simple, right? Ha...not so much. Anyways...that one is done and in the books. Mission accomplished.

Post Race

Next week....The Color Run in Lawerence. You can't even imagine how excited I am for this. I keep hearing from everyone how incredibly awesome it is, just have a look for yourself at the official video. It's gonna be a crazy awesome time!

We also are signing up for another 5K on the 13th. It's a smaller scale kind of Color Run that Big Brothers, Big Sisters is putting on in Concordia. Mom and I are on a team with a couple of a busy few weekends...but that's okay!! At least it's healthy fun :)

On another starts a different challenge in the Online group. It's called 31 days of Making Jillian my B. I shortened the last word for obvious purposes...but I'm excited to start it and keep doing it. I've done the 30 Day Shred several times now...but as a supplement workout. Never the full 30 day program. So I took before shots this morning and measurements, and will do the first round today! Can't wait to see the changes! Shelby is also going to come and watch the kiddos today so that I can go do Zumba today to get points for the Wellness Center Challenge. Sooo many challenges in a short period of time...but that's what keeps me going!

I had to step back on the scale this morning to get a preweight for the Jillian Challenge and was happy to see another pound that's 23...and hopefully many more will melt off with this challenge!

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  1. I had tears in my eyes just watching you sprint to that finish line...doubt you heard me say this "finish strong for Lenae" because you had your earphones in but none the finished STRONG and I couldn't catch up to you! BTW, your official time was 31:50. :)

    YOU have been an inspiration to so many, I hear it all the time from those that have been reading your blog, so know, just because they don't leave comments, they still are VERY proud of you and are cheering for each accomplishment you do!!!

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!! - Mom

  2. oops...sorry that was supposed to be an official time of 39:50 :)

  3. That is so awesome! Congrats on your first 5k! That is something I would love to do one day. Such an inspiration!

  4. Fellow ML Fit Camper here! Congratulations on finishing your first 5K! I'm doing couch to 5K and am on Week 4 and finishing a 5k is on my bucket list! Way to be!