Monday, September 17, 2012

A Progression of Pictures: Rollercoaster

Alright...I said I'd do it. Here it is. A progression of pictures from when my weight issues started to where they are now. I'm going to warn you...there are some good pictures...and some pictures that I seriously almost cried at the thought of putting them on and sharing with everyone. But this is about being honest and having to take a good hard look at what I have done to myself. That is the only way that I will make it any better. I did my best at trying to get dates right...

8th Grade. Where it all started.

 This is around Sophomore year. You can tell that I was gaining quite a bit.

These are both from my senior year of high school. This is the second time of losing weight(I had broken up with my boyfriend of 2.5 yrs midway through my Jr. year. Prompting said weight loss). These almost make me cry because I wish I could look like that again :(

This was the day that I moved into the dorms at Kansas State University. Excuse the poor quality of was scanned. That Hollister shirt was a Medium. I probably couldn't even fit my arm in it now.

The one in the mask was at spring break(I helped out in Louisiana after Katrina) and the other is the summer after my Freshman year. You can tell by my legs and the love handles that I definitely packed on the Freshman 15..and probably more.

This was my Junior year of college. By this point I had gained 30 lbs since entering college. (This is a year after meeting Shelby) Gross hair. Yuck

Ha...attractive...I know. This was at my brother's wedding in June of 2009. I would have looked a whole lot worse if there wasn't such a thing as Spanx.

This was in October of 2009. I had lost a little bit of weight knowing that we would be taking pictures.

I believe this was around Thanksgiving on 2009.

These were on my Wedding day. I'll just say it...because everyone that really knows us, already knows, and anyone who semi knows us has figured out by Lenae's age and our Anniversary. I was just shy of 3 months pregnant at this time. So I was starting to swell.(Water weight, food weight, baby weight)

I got HUGE. Like really big. This was at approximately 7.5 months...I think. So I got even bigger. She was only 6 lbs 8 oz. I had a TON of fluid in that stomach. I do NOT miss that part at all. Blah.

 The Day after giving birth...I don't even care what I look like here...because there is a much more beautiful girl in this picture :)

This is another one that I had a very hard time posting. While my mom takes great pictures and can edit with the best. She can't change the fat. Where's the photoshop tool for that? This is 6 months post baby. Weighing in at almost my heaviest.

And this is my latest side by side progression of weightloss pictures. I have sat here for about 20 minutes now deciding whether or not to put these on because I am still nowhere near where I want to be...but I am doing this to make myself better. It is to show you where I was at, where I have come from, and how far I have yet to go.


These particular pictures go from left to right and the first is at 5lbs lost, the second is at 10lbs lost, and the third is 22 lbs lost as of this morning.
Not sure why I can't get that first pic in the bottom row to line up and it's really hard to actually see it...but whatever. So there you have it...I think that even with the bad quality of the pics and poor lighting, you can still see that there has been a little bit of a change. Like I said, I am NOT even close to what I want to be at, but at least there is progress.

And on Saturday, Mom and I ran the entire 3.14 miles without stopping. Outside. Big big big accomplishment as I have never done this. Sure I've done it on a treadmill where I can conserve energy by going the same speed and not have to endure any obstacles like potholes, train tracks, and running across the street quickly to avoid a car. But we did it...and 2 weeks before the actual run, I can say I'm ready! Never thought I would be!!
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  1. 22lbs down is a huge deal, so proud of you and happy for you Joelle!! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!

  2. Way to go Joelle! You look GREAT! Keep up the good work! You are a true inspiration!

  3. Oh how it breaks my heart to see you struggle with all of this...only because I have struggled with the same thing for so many years! All I can say is....I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! PROUD of you taking your weight issue seriously for the right be HEALTHY for YOU and your family who wants you to be around for MANY years! You have scared us so much with your blood pressure issues, proud of you for taking time for YOU now! LOVE you so very much!!! are still beautiful no matter!!! Mom

  4. Way to go Joelle!!! Can't wait to see your progress! Just remember, it takes time! Your doing so good! Now if I could just get motivated! Maybe this will help! - Ruby

  5. Yay Joelle!!! I have been reading your blog and just wanted to say that I think you are rocking it! I have been struggling to get rid of the weight I put on in grad school because Ben and I want to start a family soon - and you have been super motivational. Stay strong and keep your eye on the goal. You are doing amazing. P.S. - ....the awesome meal plan has given Ben and I so much energy and keeps us eating healthy, whole foods in quick, easy lunches and dinners. It also has way more snack ideas then I could ever have come up with on my own. :)

  6. Joelle - I know you know this already, but I'll say it anyway because it never hurts to hear it from others - you are a beautiful woman inside and out. Everyone has struggles and you're twice the woman for working through one of yours thru a very public eye. I would say I wish you all the luck but I know it's not about luck, it's about perseverance, believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth every ounce of effort you put into it, and a tad bit of leaning on your loved ones when you just want to give in. The more you put into it the more you will get out - enjoy the journey my niece - you are oh so special and deserving - proud of you kiddo! A. Lisa

  7. You have already done such a great job! I have a post like this on my blog with all my ups and downs with weight so I totally get it.

    You've got this!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm following your blog now; found you through mama laughlin's fit camp group on facebook. I admire your willingness to be so open about your journey.