Monday, September 10, 2012

Confessions of a Running Mommy....

"Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession. " Mahatma Gandhi

Now Gandhi was always a pretty smart man, so in the spirit of feeling a little stronger....

Confession #1: My will power ran out and I reunited with my Diet Pepsi. Grr...I could make excuses and blame all day(Ie: My husband keeps buying it, or Lenae has not been sleeping well at night and I need the extra energy boost). But it's plain and simple that I gave in and drank it.

What I am proud of myself for though is that I am no where near to drinking what I used to. 1 a day will suffice me, and even then I have a hard time drinking an entire 12 oz can.

Confession #2: I did not get very many runs in over the last 2 weeks. This is not good, considering the 5K is coming up in a couple of weekends. It's a lot harder to go when Shelby is on dayshift and doesn't get home until around 630 or 7 at night, and he was supposed to be the one to watch her. Or everyone else is busy..and yes this may sound like a broken record as I posted about it before, but it's true and it happens.

What I am proud of myself for though is that even with the Diet Pepsi debacle and not running as much, and lets face it, I was nowhere near 100% with my healthy eating choices, I did not gain weight. I was terrified to step on that scale for 2 weeks....I'll tell you what stared back at me on that scale a little bit later.

Confession #3: I much prefer running on a treadmill than outside. I know that it is very opposite to what many others feel, but man I need to get over that...and fast. Mom and I took it outside on Saturday morning(she mapped out a course), and while the weather was perfect(my mood was not), I had a very hard time even making it a half a mile. I ALWAYS overdo it that first 1/2 mile when I can't regulate my speed to where I know I am comfortable. I had to stop and walk 4 times(I am NOT proud of that) for a minute at a time during the mock 5K.

What I am proud of myself for though is that even with those segments of walking, I still made it under any time I have ever pulled out on the treadmill. So that satisfies me in knowing that this week when I run the whole mock 5K over again, and not stop, it could be a personal best! I am also proud that the very next day, I went back on the treadmill and did another full 5K, stopping for only 30 sec to catch my breath. (Remember that I only ran a couple of times in 2 weeks? That always sets me back quite a bit)

Confession #4: I made a big no-no when it came to mixing medicines(which is part of the reason that I skipped a couple of runs) I kept getting really tired and having horrible, horrible headaches for a majority of the day, on top of my horrendous allergies. I tried running 2 times and failed to even make it a mile before I felt like my chest was going to explode. Turns out, I didn't realize that you aren't suppose to mix Decongestants with Blood Pressure medicines. Whoops! It shot my blood pressure up, and essentially deactivated my BP meds. So after consulting with the doctor(which is what I should have done first!) I am now on some prescription allergy meds that will not interfere! I am now feeling 100% better.

What I am proud of myself for...actually there is nothing there that I should be proud of. Seriously...check with your doctors first before doing anything that dumb!

And finally Confession #5: I am HUMAN. Seriously. I can't be perfect, nor will I ever try to be. You take all of this in stride, look for the positives in it, and move on. Dwelling in how horrible these last 2 weeks has been or wondering how much more weight I could have lost had I not sunk into this rut, will do absolutely no good...for anyone.

BUT... Even after all of these low points, and putting my scale back behind my bathroom door to hide it for 2 weeks, I finally gave in and stepped back on it Saturday. It read...okay I'm still not going to tell you how much it reads(even though I am starting to become more comfortable with that number) I will tell you that in those 2 weeks of countless mistakes, I still managed to lose 5 lbs. Putting my total weightloss at 22 lbs. I couldn't believe it and you would have laughed at me with how many times I stepped on and off trying to see if it would change. I thought "Okay, it must be broken. I'll weigh myself on the scale at the gym tomorrow and compare." Well, different scale, same exact reading. While I didn't jump for joy..I beamed with accomplishment for all of the rest of yesterday. It has only sparked me to eat that much better, run that much harder, lift that much more, and drink that much more water for this week at least :) I'm taking one week at a time.

The Heart Choices 5K is coming up in just 20 days. I plan on sitting down tonight and mapping out my workouts from now until then, as I really don't want to overdo it that week before, but need to get in as much training as possible before then. And then can't even explain how excited I am that we are doing the Color Run in Lawerence on October 6th. Mom and I are doing it with her Twin sister Rita and my cousin Amber. I think it will be awesome to do a crazy, fun one like that after completeing our first the week before. Can't wait!!

As for the pictures that I promised...I will try to get some uploaded in the next couple of days, to this computer. They are not the best quality...and not really sure how good of a progression they will show.

Hope you have had a good Monday! :) Here's a few little pics of what life has been like the past couple of weeks...and a picture of what I am we speak!

This is somewhat of a normal lunch that I eat. 4 out of 5 days I will boil a chicken breast and then for a side will have either a salad, carrots, or green and red peppers. Today I was needing a little I threw in a few pretzels. What I have found that works best for me is to use a child sized plate. That way I can't pile things on, and the smaller plate gives the illusion that I have the same portion as a bigger plate :) It's all about tricking your brain!
She has now decided that she has a preference on what she wants to watch and apparently it wasn't what mommy and daddy had on. We had watched Mickey earlier in the morning in the bedroom so it was still set to the channel. She turned the tv on and I came to find her like this. Stinker!

She also has a major obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and my mom indulged her with this talking Minnie Mouse doll. Because she sleeps with her, I am now woken up at several points through the night from hearing on the monitor "Oh my! What are we going to do today?!" or "I love to giggle with you!" Thanks Mom! Pin It

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