Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Today is going to be the start of consistent "Weekly Weigh-in" posts in an effort to stay more accountable and provide support to others who are needing it! So without further adieu...

 This is also the weekly weigh in picture for the current challenge I am in called "Last Loser Standing." It started 2 weeks ago and included somewhere around 400 ladies. The object of it is to continue to lose weight and essentially try to be the "Last loser standing" at the end of it, and winner gets a Fitbit Ultra. Still in it, even after Christmas lunch! I did NOT eat as well as I should have this past week. Lots of sweets and carbs. Ugh. I also only got to run 1 time over the past week because of sickness, Shelby working, gym closing early for Christmas Eve. Weird thing though....I still lost weight. I think it has something to do with some bloating that was going on :( Whatever it is...I'll take it, but I know that if I want to keep up the losing, my eating needs to return to what it was. Double boo!

Also gearing up to start the Fitathlon at the Wellness Center. Time to start brushing up on my swimming and biking skills! Next week(I believe) is the weigh in for the Wellness Center's "Maintaining through the Holidays" challenge. We weighed in the first week of November and had a $5 buy in. After our last weigh in, those who either maintained or lost weight will be entered into a drawing to win the pot. As of right now I have lost several pounds since then, but it will all come down to my weight at the end of the day on that particular day as my weight fluctuates a few pounds during the day. Fingers crossed!

Even better news...I'm 1 lb away from 40 lost. Woo-freaking-hoo! Progression pictures to come when that happens...which I'm hoping may be tomorrow or Friday...depending on the amount of water I suck down today from my spiffy new water bottle!(Thanks Jamie! :))

Christmas was a nice relaxing day for us. Just my parents, brother and his family, my sister, and my daughter and I. Shelby had to work Christmas eve and Christmas night so he slept through the day. We spent the day opening presents, watching my nephew and Lenae play with their new toys, eating, and the best part was watching old home videos. Laughing at each other's crazy hair, botched song lyrics, and wondering how our parents had enough patience to not leave us at the nearest bus stop and drive away. I never realized how annoying I was as a child! Sorry guys!! Oh and my daughter was INCREDIBLY spoiled by my parents and her Aunt & Uncle. Lots of princess stuff, Minnie Mouse, clothes, and all the Baby Doll furniture she could ever want. Her room looked absolutely nothing like this when we left the house yesterday morning. Its the biggest room in the house and I think she needs a bigger one now!

 My most favorite present of the day was my Gym Membership. I knew I would be getting 6 months to the local gym, but when I opened the envelope to look at it I was surprised to see "12 month membership" on the line. My time spent on the treadmill, weights, and pool are not going unnoticed. :) I can't wait to get back out there tonight and get some more miles on these new shoes!

I hope Christmas found everyone else Happy, Healthy, and Warm! Pin It


  1. You DESERVED that One Year Membership!!! We are SO VERY PROUD of all that you are accomplishing and will accomplish this next coming year. Keep inspiring me!!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!

  2. Wednesday is my weigh-in day too so we can help keep each other on track! Yayy for the gym membership... so awesome!!