Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Link up...and some other good news!!


I'm "linking up" with Erin and Alex today to do my Weigh In Wednesday. Erin is one of my "blog" friends that I met on the Fit Camp site. We are all trying to encourage each other through this weight loss, and honestly this is the only way, that I have found in my weight struggle, that has worked! Not a HUGE loss to report, but hey...a loss is a loss is a loss...right?? 

The good news?? This puts me at 40 POUNDS LOST.  Yep. That's where I'm at. Although I know that it could be more. Don't get me wrong...I am MORE than excited about this...but am a little bummed out with myself about the fact that I know I have still not been on my best game about eating right. I have been working out and running still, but need to get my rear in gear and get my "groove" back with the good food. I haven't been eating terrible. I am still watching my portions and not shoving down cheeseburgers and shakes, but definitely not eating my protein and veggies. This week WILL be better. This week WILL be better. If you live in my town and are reading have permission to give me a good swift kick in the butt if you see me eating anything I shouldn't be. 

Ugh...I wish dieting wasn't such a struggle. Some more good news...I took my measurements for the first time in awhile last night and was pleasantly surprised at those results. So far, since starting this journey back in April/May-ish, I have lost a total of 7 inches off of my waist/hip area and 4 inches off each thigh. I could definitely tell that when I slip on a pair of jeans...but seeing it in numbers was awesome.

So here's to a week of living in paranoia that someone will see me eating crap and kick me! Sometimes that is enough to make me knock it off. I also have MAJOR plans to rock it out in the gym the next couple of weeks. I have a goal to finish the Fitathlon in under 3 weeks. I hope to get out there around 4-5 times a week and each time do 3 miles running/walking, bike around 8-10 miles, and swim anywhere from 10-12 laps. Now obviously I might be extremely tired and doing all three every time would take up several hours, so each time I will do the running/walking, but alternate the biking and swimming. But like everyone knows in the journey of weight loss, the failure to plan out said goals, is likely to set you up for failure. That's why I am setting up this plan! Hopefully my husband, sister, and parents can bear with me to reach this goal..and pitch in extra with my daughter. :) 

Side note...I have taken progression pictures, but am having some difficulty finding my camera cord to upload them. It was a overdue Christmas Miracle that my phone let me take my weigh in picture today as the camera has decided its had about enough of me taking constant pictures. So when I find the cord...the progression will be posted :) Have a great rest of the week!
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  1. A loss is a loss and congrats for hitting 40lbs gone! Taking measurements is a big way to keep me motivated :) Looking forward to doing the weekly weigh in with you ladies every week!

  2. Love your blog name! Half of me! CUTE! Thanks for linking up, looking forward to sharing this journey with you & seeing your progress.

  3. This is EXACTLY the way I feel! I had a loss last week and I'm happy with that, but just knowing that I could have been doing better is frustrating! We can't change that now though, we just have to move forward and rock it hard from now on. 40 pounds lost is incredible... you should be so proud! And look, you're creeping into the low 190's... won't be long and you'll be in the 180's!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up girl!

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